10 Tips to Building a Fire!Build a Fire and Maintain It!
Fire Building tips – learn to build a fire in 10 easy steps.

1) Buy your firewood and have it delivered by Lumberjax (949) 903-3553!

2) Burn a Mix of Soft and Hard Woods – Soft woods are light in weight and low in density. It ignites easily and burns fast with a large flame. Hard firewood is heavy, dense and fairly large. They produce a lot of heat but not much of a flame.

3) Start with a Small Fire First – Crumple a few sheets of newspaper, add some kindling, small pieces and softwood. Ignite your fire then take more lit paper and hold it up to your flue showing the smoke where to go. The KEY to a great fire is the bed of red hot coals you build under your grate.

4) Maintain your Fire – Once you have a good flame and hot coals under your grate add larger and harder woods, 2-3 logs placed slightly apart to allow air and flames to move between them.

5) Gas Starters – If you have a gas starter still follow these tips and leave your starter on for at least 20 minutes.

6) Refuel while Coals are Hot – Adding small logs of firewood frequently will result in less smoke then letting your fire burn out before adding wood.

7) Watch for Smoke Signals – Glance at your chimney, you should see a small wisp of white smoke. The darker the smoke the more pollutants being produced and more fuel being wasted. Glance at your mantel, any smoke or discoloration signals that smoke is not going up the chimney and is entering your home. Do not leave open doors or windows while burning.

8) Do not Heat Overnight – This is a major fire hazard and a slow smoldering fire can cause back-drafting into your home.

9) Inspection and Maintenance – Check and repair your fireplace and chimney as needed: Your chimney cap should be intact and free of debris, bricks should be intact with no cracks or chips, grate should be solid and placed towards rear of your fireplace, fire screen should be stable, sold and of sufficient size. Have your fireplace chimney inspected and cleaned once per year.

10) DO Call an Expert – Make sure to give us a call with any questions or concerns regarding the build out of your home or office fire. Visit often for more fire bulding tips and related help and hints.