Building a long lasting, warm fire can be a challenging task without the right background on the type of woods that burn both long and hot.Firewood for Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, California

At Lumberjax Firewood we sells both hard and soft woods. Soft woods are easy to get started and produce a large flame. Hard woods burn for a long time and produce a lot of heat.

So yes there are things to consider when it comes to firewood selection for your California home or office.

Types of Soft woods include: pine, ash, avocado
Types of Hard woods include: oak, eucalyptus, elm, almond, orange, olive

We recommend and provide a mixture of both hard and soft woods as well as provide a complimentary flyer on how to properly burn the wood to ensure you have great fires and make your wood last.
Check back often for info related to California firewood selection.

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