Lumberjax Firewood offers firewood sales & delivery to Newport Beach, CA our new location. We offer firewood sales & delivery to Newport Beach of split firewood, perfect for your fireplace, wood burner, wood furnace, camping trips, back yard fires. We offer a variety of firewood products, sales to the public, private and commercial sectors. Feel free to call with any questions! We are your first resource for all your home firewood needs as suppliers of top quality, cut and aged firewood.  Depend on us for your firewood sales and delivery.

We maximize drying our wood by stacking our wood in open areas exposed to plenty of wind and sunshine. It is important because dry wood burns cleaner, creates less creosote buildup in chimneys and produces up to 25 percent more heat than green wood.
The following procedures will be useful for you to the have best results from your firewood:

– Split logs larger than 4 inches in diameter. Small pieces dry faster than large pieces.
– Stack the wood in a sunny, airy location.
– Keep wood dry by covering the top of the pile with tar paper or plastic
– Stack the wood above the ground on a base of bricks or treated lumber to allow air movement under the pile and to prevent wood decay.
– Keeping the firewood stack away from the house will prevent spread of insects to the house.
– Wood properly stored for approximately six months will have lost as much moisture as is possible in outdoor air drying.

Our wood is 100% guaranteed. Buy from a local, reputable, experienced wood professional that delivers it to Newport Beach.

Firewood sales & Delivery – Newport Beach, CA.