Wood is generally characterized as soft or hard. Hard woods give off more heat when burned. The term hardwood includes numerous species of trees and shrubs with dense, heavy wood. The term softwood actually refers to a group of different species of trees from which the wood is harvested. A general rule of thumb is that softwoods come from coniferous, or evergreen trees whereas hardwoods typically come from deciduous, or leafy trees. Softer woods can be used as kindling or for heating on warm days. Most wood dealers do not separate wood by grade or species.

Knowing the general characteristics of the various species will allow you to determine the general value of the load.

Hard or high density woods: Live, White, and Red oak, Black locust, Dogwood, Apple, Honey locust, Black and Yellow birch, Rock elm, Sugar maple, American beech, White and Oregon ash, Yew, and Black walnut.

Medium density woods: Holly, Tamarack, Western larch, Juniper, Red maple, Cherry, American elm, Black gum, Sycamore, Gray birch, Sassafras, Magnolia, Red cedar, Bald cypress, Chestnut, and several pines: Pond, Nut, Loblolly, Shortleaf, Pitch, and Norway.

Soft or low density woods: Butternut, Cottonwood, Black willow, Hemlock, Redwood, Tulip and Balsam poplars, Black, White, and Sitka spruce, Red, Noble, and Balsam fir, and Ponderosa, Sugar and White pine.

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