Firewood Preparation Costa Mesa, CA 

Whatever wood species you use, it will burn more efficiently and be more convenient to use if it is properly seasoned. Here are some tips for firewood preparation:

1.    Very hard woods like oak and maple are not good fuel for the relatively mild weather in spring and fall because their high density makes controlling heat output more difficult.
2.    Softer woods are better when heat demand is low because they light easily, burn quickly and don’t leave a long lasting charcoal bed.
3.    Process firewood in early spring for it to be ready for burning that fall.
4.    Piece length should be at least 3″ shorter than the firebox.
5.    Shorter pieces are easier to handle and make fire maintenance easier; 14″ to 16″ is a good length.  
6.    Split the logs to a variety of sizes, from 3″ to 6″ at the largest cross sectional dimension.
7.    The larger the stove or furnace, the larger the pieces can be, but never larger than 8″ diameter.
8.    Tree tops and wind falls can be used for firewood down to less than 2″ diameter.
9.    Firewood shall not be kept in a pile on the ground for more than a couple of days. Wet wood on the ground quickly attracts bugs and mold.  
10.   Wood should be stacked in an open area exposed to sun and wind for the summer. 
11.   Stack wood on rails to keep it off the ground.  
12.   The triangular shape of split pieces wedge together as they are stacked and help to make the pile stable.
13.   The more quickly the surface of the pieces dries, the less chance there is of molding and bug infestation
14.   Cover just the tops of firewood stacks.
15.   Avoid stacking more than four feet high because tall piles become unstable.
16.   Shorter firewood pieces (12″ – 14″) make for narrow unstable stacks; use sticks propped against each side of the piles so wind doesn’t blow them over.
17.   When seasoned the wood can be moved to winter bulk storage where it should be fully sheltered from rain and snow.
18.   The ideal winter storage is close to, but not inside the house.
19.   Avoid storing large amounts of wood in the house because mold spores and moisture can affect indoor air quality.
20.   Bring in wood to warm up before burning, but only one or two week’s supply at a time.

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