Home heating with Firewood – Costa Mesa, CA –

Using firewood to heat your home either partially or entirely may be a desirable and economically attractive alternative to conventional heating systems. To make this decision, you must carefully evaluate your options and consider all of the costs associated with the various systems, as well as the lifestyle restrictions imposed by burning wood.

As with any heating system, it is critical that a wood burning system be installed properly so that it is completely safe. If you are considering adding a wood heat system, you should check with your local fire department for information on installation and maintenance of your system. Your insurance company should be notified, and they can provide you with a checklist of safety considerations. Most insurance companies have strict requirements for keeping a wood stove a set distance from a combustible surface, having safe venting systems, and installing smoke detectors. Some companies will also require an on-site inspection by a fire department or company official. These strict standards are not designed to be deterrents to the use of firewood, they should just be considered as safety features for your benefit.

As a homeowner, you should attempt to burn your wood in as safe and environmentally sound of a manner as possible. Using only clean, seasoned firewood of good quality will help. Burning your fire hot when possible will cut down on smoke and creosote in your chimney. The use of a catalytic stove allows the volatile gases emitted in the combustion process to burn at a much lower temperature, greatly reducing wood smoke and creosote, and also increasing heat output by 25 to 30%.

There are many different species of firewood available to homeowners. Different types of wood have different properties in terms of heat value, ease of burning, ease of splitting, etc. Ask for information to the experts at Lumberjax Firewood. We pride ourselves in helping you build the best fire for every occasion.  Contact us for more infomation about Home heating with Firewood – Costa Mesa, CA.