When heating your home or enjoying an open fireplace you shall be aware of various types of firewood available as well as the differences between woods. Using the best wood can produce the most heat with less smoke and some woods are easier than others to handle.

Kindling, or the small pieces of wood used to start a fire, can come from several sources and may be of various types. Starter pines, for example, burn hotter and are often easy to ignite, they are regularly used as kindling. Fire starter pine cones can be purchased or made at home following a prescribed formula.

Hardwoods, such as ash, oak, birch, beech, hickory, and hard maple, are optimum for wood burning purposes, including wood stoves and open fireplaces. Hard firewood burns well and emits high heat with little or no smoke. These woods are also easier to split than many other varieties. Availability of these hard wood may depend on location because some woods are native to particular areas while others are not. Hickory and oak, for example, are found in many areas of the United States, but birch and beech are more common in the Northeastern part of the country.

Some other types of firewood for the home include soft maple, black cherry, and yellow pine. These woods are a little more difficult to split and produce a greater amount of smoke. Basswood, poplar, and white pine are other common woods used as firewood with good results.

Even though elm and sweet gum trees may also be used as firewood, they do not burn as easily or as well as other firewood and are difficult to split.

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